Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rajistani Bangles

Bangle jewelry is not new to India. Indian bangles are made out of copper, bronze, gold, silver, plastic, rubber and not to forget from glass also. Glass bangles are mainly produced in Firozabad, India and available in multitude of colors and designs. They still remain the hot favorites and most preferred of almost all Indian women.

Rajasthani lac bangles are equally attractive in design and shape. They are made out of a natural resin called lac. The lac bangles come in various colors and sizes. They are often adorning with tiny trinkets such as flowers, wires, beads and gold foil. When Rajasthani lac bangles are worn in coordination with bright and vivid Indian attire of ghagra choli or lehenga, they definitely add extra color and glamor to the appearance. Married women of certain tribes in Bihar wear lac bangles to signify their married status.

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