Friday, September 16, 2011

Hand Made Bangle

This is new concept of making bangles with Ribbons.This is new trend and people want to adopt these bangles with decent colors.

Latest Casualwear Bangles

Latest handmade bangles fashion and trend is a very common all over the world but mostly used and adopted by Asians especially in India and Pakistan. Bangles are usually worn to signify the marriage.These casual type of bangles or bands looks more attractive today.Specially for the teenage girls.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Luxurious Mehndi

Applying mehndi is a part of different culture and it is applied on different events.Luxurious mehndi designs makes your personality more graceful.No doubt that its an old method but still it looks beautiful and popular.

Fancy Cultured Mehndi

You can apply this beautiful and fancy mehndi design on your casual functions.You can freely apply this simple design on ur hand.Its makes you more perfect and dalicate.

Artistic Mehndi

Decorate your skin with the art of mehndi.This is new artistic design here.You will be able to enjoying by applying this. Weddings can often be long ritualistic and eloborate affairs with many Pre -weddind,weddind and post weddings ceremonies.