Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Art and Craft of Mehndi on candle

Here are the very fascinating candles. If it is place on any corner of your beautiful home, you feel very delightful. These are the candles that are made from candle wax. And very pleasant henna designs are applied on it. Not only has the design made you happy but also the fragrances of these candles make you fresh.

Henna is the paint, and candles are the canvas. Candles are very sparkling. Each candle is lightly scented and has an insert at the top for a tealite. The henna candle itself is never burned down only the tealite is lit, and can be replaced as needed. This makes the candle itself more of a decorative holder. The soy tealites have a burn time of approximately 5 hours. These candles can be cleaned with a wet cloth.


  1. wowww,these candles are damn hot and sexy,wow, well done on this part of ur blog,its so pretty and amazing,I didn't knw abt these kinds of candles,,something new