Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Henna Candle

The ancient tradition of henna and transformed a candle to an object of art. This is very fine, handcrafted, henna candle. Fragrances are also included.
Candles are prepared with all natural Henna paste, glitter and pure wax. The candle is sealed with a smooth coating to provide an even finish and protect the mehndi design for a long life. Each candle is unique because it is hand crafted.
These unique candle hold a place of pride in many a home. Patrons love the henna artwork, and admire the gracefulness and beauty of the detailed design, the crystals and mirrors, and the glittering reflections dancing off of them.


  1. It looks pretty much fine but it lacks colours. Green, red and Blue colour should be used inside the designs.

  2. yooooooooo,this candle is sick,I don't think other bright color will look good,I think light or drak color goes with candle desgin.