Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Very unique and creative idea in the form of lamps. Lamps are the essential part of any home. Mehndi design is not only limited to hand. It can apply on anything. These are the lamps with MEHNDI design. It looks very attractive. It’s give a bird’s eye view. The design of these is bowl shape. If it is place at the corner of drawing room its looks very beautiful.4 to 6 bowl shape lamps must be place together. The color of these lamps can also matter. So the combination of yellow, red, blue, purple, and parrot looks very beautiful.

You can place MEHNDI design lamps in round shape or in straight line. The materials of the lamps are glasses, salt and sort of plastic material. Lamps can also be make in the home with little effort or creativity. You just got the idea of how to make it. You can also make these designs with the thin paper material. These lamps also look very attractive and beautiful in candle light dinner.

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