Monday, June 15, 2009

Tips for Mehndi Decor

Think about the style and the theme that you want to set for the mehndi party. Decorating the place with fresh flowers and scented tea-lights is a nice idea.
Hang a string of bells at the entranceway of the place. You may also welcome your guests by hanging a small banner at the entranceway.
Ensure that you provide the home with enough lighting. It is wise not to resort to dim lighting, because it is mehndi ceremony, wherein complex designs of henna are carefully applied on the bride's hands and feet.
The mehndi party mood can be reflected by making use of henna color scheme for the entire place. Arrange henna-colored throw pillows on the couch. Use shades of green for the comforters, bedding, table cloth and curtains. Choose the right shades of green for the purpose. Bring in variations by making use of contrasting shades of the color.

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