Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Beautiful Mehndi Stage

Here is a very beautiful and mehndi stage with a variety of mehndi plates. Mehndi stage decoration is very important part in mehndi or even on wedding day.People is now focus on decoration from traditional to modern latest style on mehndi day.now they are more focus on mehndi stage then before. Mehndi stage is important for decoration, for rasams. Asian mehndi stages in various mehndi colours and style looks very beautiful.

For mehndi decoration, first of all it is important to select the theme in terms of color. Bright colors are preferable on mehndi. The selection for the theme color is important; it should be match with the other things on mehndi like bright dresses, plates for mehndi etc.


  1. This stage is very stylish and shows lot of different color variety.

  2. I agree with qamar, it is stylish.